Ultimately, the true wealth of a society comes from its members, which is why our developments are designed to offer a healthy level of interaction between residents, while promoting collaborative programs that inspire a return to the traditional, social values that help to make communities great.


At APIO, we believe affordability is key for any successful community, which is why we extend a range of options that uniquely benefit each of our stakeholders, including:

  • A risk-free, lease-back option for public sector entities
  • the provision of entire communities from 40% below the open market rate
  • The option to sell new properties at market rate, providing liquidity for other community-based activities

As a result, tenants are given a higher standard of living with lower operational costs and investors gain a high-quality, sustainable foothold on the property ladder.


As part of our commitment towards enhancing the lives of future communities, APIO leveraged the insights of its founding partner, Assael, by integrating Well Building standards – a methodology that looks at all aspects of home and community design to find ways of improving their elements by making small changes that promote a higher standard of wellbeing for its residents. Examples of how Well Building has helped to enhance our designs include:

  • Superfast, reliable connectivity for online appointments, webinars and telemedicine
  • Enhanced ventilation, natural light and private outdoor areas
  • Exercise facilities
  • Green spaces for recreation and micro-farming
  • Bicycle-ready storage and pathways
  • Carefully designed, home working spaces

As an outcome, communities are better prepared to live, and potentially work in an optimised environment, that promotes all aspects of healthy living.