Housing is a fundamental human need, and we are proud to be helping fulfil this need. We recognise that our planet faces urgent environmental challenges, not least climate change, and that we all need to contribute to a safer future. We recognise that we need to do this in a way which also supports people to lead happier and healthier lives and promotes social equity.

That is why we have teamed up with One Planet Living, a company who advised the United Nations on their Sustainability Development Goals and designed the London 2012 Olympics Sustainability Strategy. Through working with One Planet, we have been able to identify and map out our entire ecosystem helping us to highlight our impact on the planet and society. This has allowed us to design our business model to make the most effective changes in the most efficient places.

At APIO we strive to be a SMART company and we track and measure everything we can, this hand-in-hand with the One Planet technology means that we are also geared up to report on and align our strategy and progress to any sustainability framework required by our landowners (e.g. SRS or GRESB)

As a provider of homes, we aim to lead in sustainability and ESG and to help build the sustainable communities of the future.

There are four key aspects of our business which inform the Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) Strategy:

Sustainable Construction


Sustainable Homes


Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles


Sustainable Business Operation

For more information, please download our ESG policy.