• What is APIO?

    APIO is an innovative turnkey solution that can deliver quality housing at speed for the public sector across the UK. APIO’s model combines advanced modern methods of construction (MMC) with innovative long-term funding from a pool of pension funds to provide an end to end housing solution, which can provide between 250-2,000 high quality homes (of any tenure) per site, on public sector land which remains in their ownership.

  • How does it work?

    Once suitable land has been identified and appraised, APIO will take on the planning and development risk. The local authority or public body will sign a contract with one of a roster of established pension fund providers. Once built, the homes are leased to the local authority for an annual fee and typically after 30 years, ownership of the homes is transferred back to them for free.

  • How much is this annual fee?

    APIO has a financial calculator that can be used to work this out. The annual payment is based not on what the local authority charges in rent but on factors such as house types.

  • What tenure are the homes?

    Thanks to MMC and the unique long-term funding model, APIO can deliver the entire site at significantly discounted rates, giving the local authority total flexibility to either provide 100% affordable housing, market rent, mixed-tenure or full private sale.

  • Who sets the rents?

    The local authority sets the rents without any involvement from APIO, meaning it can make a surplus if needed.

  • Who manages the homes?

    The local authority decides this, however if required APIO can offer full management via a preferred provider or housing association.

  • Does ownership of the land transfer hands?

    No. The land remains owned by the local authority or public sector body indefinitely.

  • Who is behind APIO?

    APIO is a joint venture formed from CNM Estates and ALEC Engineering and Contracting LLC, which collectively have delivered thousands of homes.

     CNM Estates has offices in London, Abu Dhabi and Gibraltar. It sources, funds, develops and delivers high quality homes, student housing, hotel and mixed use developments with a core philosophy of focus on delivering all of these with style. It brings extensive experience to the communities in which it works, creating transformative places and delivering buildings that stand the test of time.

    ALEC Engineering and Contracting L.LC. (ALEC) is a large construction company with related businesses operating in the GCC with a presence in Africa. ALEC has extensive experience in complex projects across diverse sectors. The team also possesses a Design and Build capability, which enables us to provide integrated construction solutions to our clients. ALEC offers its clients a complete turnkey solution with construction, MEP, fit-out, modular housing solutions, energy efficiency solutions and solar opportunities, heavy equipment rental as well as technology systems.

    LINQ is the manufactured housing solution by ALEC that integrates industry best practice with high-quality materials, resulting in an agile, sustainable product that can be assembled anywhere. Manufactured in Dubai, UAE, within a controlled production environment, LINQ provides a level of consistency that improves project durations, while reducing material waste and energy consumption.

  • Who has designed the housing?

    APIO has worked closely with the award-winning Assael Architecture to design the housing. Operating since 1994, Assael’s experience has included everything from large mixed-use master-plans to innovative and bespoke interiors, and everything else in between.

  • What types of homes will be available?

    Unlike many MMC solutions on the market, APIO can provide a diverse range of housing including apartments and family houses. The solution is customisable to suit the client’s individual needs. The homes are of outstanding quality thanks to precision manufacturing, intelligent design that factors in wellness, and an excellent specification. This is not the sub-par product that is typically associated with affordable housing.

  • Where are the modular units built?

    The units are created in LINQ By ALEC’s precision manufacturing facility in Dubai, before being shipped to the UK by shipping partner Crane Worldwide Logistics.

  • At a time when there is a global focus on sustainability, shipping from the Middle East seems unnecessary and counter-intuitive?

    As a business that relies on global logistics, we take great care to carefully measure our carbon footprint in order to mitigate any adverse effects on the environment. As such, APIO works closely with the One Planet Network, a ten-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production, which supports the global shift towards a more sustainable future. Accompanied by a vision to achieve the exclusive production of net zero carbon homes in the next few years, APIO will always maintain its commitment towards becoming one of the world’s most sustainable modular builders of high-quality homes.

  • What types of sites are suitable for APIO’s product?

    APIO will work for sites of scale that can house between 250-2,000 homes, which rules out smaller plots such as infill sites.

  • How long does the process take?

    From identifying land to completion of first home is 12 months. As an example, a 250 home site would be completed in 18 months from today.